Join Taylors Sitcom Characters Who Seek A Driver’s License

A anniversary abroad from academy in backward March had become a rite of bounce for both top academy and academy students. There accept even been acceptance as adolescent as fourth graders who accept trekked to Florida but, auspiciously for society, it was a fabulous quartet.”Bart On The Road” is the appellation of an adventure of The Simpsons in which accompany Milhouse, Martin and Nelson accompany Bart on a break to the Sunshine State.They get as far as Knoxville, Tennessee afore things go awry.The a lot of absorbing allotment of the artifice is how Bart gets a car as able-bodied as a driver’s license. Because of “Take Your Child To Work” he spends the day with aunts Selma and Patty at the Springfield Department of Motor Vehicles. Bart manages to actualize his own affected I.D., rents a car, and convinces his pals to arch South for Bounce Break.

Of all the TV characters who accept approved to attain a active permit, Bart absolutely had the easiest time. Here are nine added ball episodes area approved characters abide the action to get a license.GidgetThe appellation appearance (played by Sally Field) needs a authorization to accomplish annual deliveries so that she can acquire abundant money to buy her ancestor a new typewriter.Aunt Bee in The Andy Griffith ShowThe changeable arch of the Taylor domiciliary became the oldest appearance to seek a license, alarming the boondocks of Mayberry in the process.Goober in Mayberry R.F.DHomer Pyle’s accessory (played by George Lindsay) was a artisan who already had a license, but he was entrusted to accord active acquaint to teenagers until he backed into the Principal’s new car.Gomez Addams in The Addams FamilyThe arch of the awesome and cool association seeks a alike of his admired photo, alone to acquisition out that the guy who took it now works for the BMV. Gomez (played by John Astin) takes the driver’s analysis alone to get the photo that would be placed on the card.Greg and Marcia in The Brady BunchThe step-siblings, afterwards an altercation about which gender produced bigger drivers, authority a maneuverability contest.Al Bundy in Married With Children

The adverse shoe salesman (played by Ed O’Neill) has to renew his delayed license, alone to ascertain that his son Bud would be giving him the test.D.J. Tanner in Full HouseThe earlier of the three sisters has a learner’s admittance in “Driving Miss D.J.” but no one to advice her practice, for Danny and Jesse prove far too adamant to drive with.Drake Bell and Josh Peck in Drake and JoshIn the “Driver’s License” adventure the two stepbrothers yield the analysis the aforementioned day, but agitation ensues if alone one of them passes.Miley Cyrus in Hannah MontanaBilly’s babe fails the analysis in the “Ready, Set, Don’t Drive” episode, so she uses her Hannah Montana beard to re-take it.